From Shadow to Light

From Shadow To Light

Friday 5th May - Saturday 3rd June 2023

Coming out from the black into the brightthere is a state somewhere in-between. It is a place of sight and imagination. A place of intrigue. A place of stories half-seen, of landscapes guessed or part perceived.

Graystone Gallery is proud to present From Shadow To Light, a powerful exhibition of abstract and semi-abstract works from some of Scotland’s most talented artists. Each piece evokes pride and passion, sometimes obvious, sometimes bubbling below the surface.

Scotland’s stunning landscapes provide inspiration from the first experience to the last sunset. Featuring Tommy Fitchet,  Madeleine Gardiner, Mary McDonald and Kerry Souter, each artist's unique interpretations build a connection between personal worlds and public expression. 

From Shadow To Light is what you make it... what you want to see. It's unashamedly Scottish to the core and celebrates the beauty of our environment in all its manifestations.